Susanna Lukkarinen vocalist, pianist, composer

Susanna Lukkarinen
is a Finnish vocalist, pianist and composer.

About my Music

Susanna’s music is influenced by jazz and world music, especially Brazilian music, and has strong roots in Nordic music tradition. Susanna Lukkarinen has performed at festivals in Scandinavia, the USA, Asia, and multiple countries in Europe. As a solo artist, she achieved international attention by winning the 2nd prize at the jazz voice competition at the Montreaux Jazz Festival, in 2003.


“Perfume River navigates the terrain between Americana and Jazz, enjoying a gentle soft sound. Lukkarinen's supple interpretations are at times reminiscent of the tones of Joni Mitchell's production.”

-Ilkka, newspaper

"The Fly Away album is a strong and musically colorful solo display from her as a singer/songwriter and pianist."

-Rytmi, magazine

"Lukkarinen’s voice sounds soft, but still full-bodied, sometimes wistfully interpretive. The arrangements provide a platform for musicians to delve deeply into their instruments and create a peaceful atmosphere and presence into the songs."

-Keskisuomalainen -newspaper